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IT/IS Manager


Posted by Cane Creek Cycling Components on 08/13/2019

Job Basics

Industry Sector: Bike

Job Categories: Computer - Information Technology

Company Type: HardGoods/Equipment

State: NC

City: Asheville

Country: United States

Required Experience:

Job Type: Full Time


Required to Relocate: Yes

Required to Travel: No

Employee May Telecommute: No

Job Seeker Must Live Within:

Job Description & Requirements

Job Description – Information Technology (IT)/ Information Services (IS) Manager


Position Summary:

The IT/IS Manager is responsible for overseeing all organization technology and information service activities, including telecommunications, infrastructure and architecture, applications development, reengineering business processes, networks, outsourcing, and computer and auxiliary operations.  He/she is expected to provide integrated operational management to resolve organizational challenges and ensure an agile and responsive IT services environment. The IT/IS Manager will maintain information technology strategies, manage internal and external resources including remote/virtual support, and research and implement technological strategic solutions.

 Responsibilities Include:  

  • Determine long-term corporate-wide information needs and develop overall strategy for system development and hardware acquisition and integrations. Influence strategic business decision regarding the use of technology and information services.
  • Prepare long and short-range plans to implement solutions for application selection, systems development, and acquisition of the resources needed to support them.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with IT security policies and procedures. Identify risk and develop risk avoidance plans.
  • Stay abreast of the latest developments and regulations in and remain highly competent at all levels of data processing while striving for enhancing user productivity through implementation of new software technology where applicable, and implement policies that more effectively utilize resources.
  • Provide user support of the technology systems in place currently, including but not limited to training and education. Assists in the evaluation and development of training and in-service programs.
  • Oversee the management backup, security and user help systems
  • Consult with users, management, vendors, and technicians to assess computing needs and system and software requirements
  • Interact with internal and external IT customers to ensure continuous customer satisfaction and provide support.
  • Coordinates with all departments in providing and managing needed data/information for reports.
  • Manage resource and budget allocation for projects and project related staff
  • Participate in overall business technology planning, bringing a knowledge and future vision of technology systems and software as related to the company.
  • Serve as the expert for the ERP system and the main point of contact with the ERP system provider on modifications, bug reporting, etc.
  • Direct and manage all facets of the Company’s communications and software systems.
  • Assess and implement system upgrades, administration and recommend enhancements to the existing infrastructure.
  • Provide local and wide area network system planning, installing, monitoring, testing and servicing.
  • Support all systems that affect daily operations of the organization.
  • Provide technical expertise to all projects that require computer interface or network intervention.
  • Manage the backup and continuation of business in regards to information technology data, software and hardware.
  • Perform network and server administration.
  • Oversee the administration of the company website (Wordpress), website design and development, and mobile app.

Minimum Qualifications:

      Bachelor’s Degree

=         3+ years of experience in an IT and/or project manager role or related field.

=         Excellent communications, leadership, management, and analytical skills.

=         Experience with IT management, programming, ERP systems, and database management.

=         Familiarity with database architecture, systems administration and security, and web and application development. Specifically, MYSQL databases and CSS             web language. 

=         A love of cycling and industry knowledge is preferred

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