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Production Manager-Firearm Production

Confidential Company on 10/04/2019

Job Basics

Industry Sector: Hunting/Shooting

Job Categories: Management - Product -Brand

Company Type: Retailer

State: MS

City: Meridian

Country: United States

Required Experience: 0 - 1 year

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: $46-50,000/year

Required to Relocate: Yes

Required to Travel: No

Employee May Telecommute: No

Job Seeker Must Live Within: 50+ miles

Job Description & Requirements

Product Manager-Firearms Manufacturing

Responsibilities of position:

-Operates a full service production facility and custom shop, specializing in concealable AR-15 weapons and Modern Sporting Rifles oriented for hunting conditions

-Responsible for meeting monthly numbers, both in production and sales

-Maintains an orderly work space, with a focus on inventory levels to keep parts readily available to continue production

-Responsible for ordering parts, tools and any necessary items to properly maintain monthly production numbers and custom shop requests

-Interacts well with customers to sell produced weapons or offer custom builds

-Able to instruct classes on firearm production for Armorer's Schools

-Work as a team to assist in any additional duties asked of employee

Required Work Experience:

-Firearm Familiarity (required) specifically with AR-15 or MSRs

-Gunsmith Experience (preferred)

-LE/Military Background (preferred)