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Posted by Tormenter on 03/05/2019

Industry Sector(s): Fishing, Lifestyle, WaterSports,

Territories Available:

States: AK, AZ, CA, CT, HI, IL, IN, LA, ME, MA, MI, MN, MS, NH, OH, PA, PI, RI, TX, VA, WI


Job Basics

Categories: apparel, hard goods,

Employer State: FL

Employer City: N Palm Beach


Posting Description & Requirements

Learn the product line!

Love the product line! 

Call on prospects. Open new and maintain accounts. Work Trade Shows. Increase SKU's carried by retailers continuously. Give input to company regarding trends, etc.

WORK at it....

Tormenter is a very easy brand to sell as long as you work at it. If you are expecting to simply announce that you are carrying Tormenter and wait for shops to send orders while you sit at home, it doesn't work. 

But.... If you make appointments with your current accounts and go show them the product line, you will probably sell one in two or three.

If you walk into stores where you do not have a current account, but you believe our product fits their shop, your chances are about one in three...

AND, they will send you re-orders while you are out fishing and surfing, etc, as long as you are caring for your accounts. 

Advantages of Tormenter:

1. Open Stock, 365 days/year. No 10 month in advance pre-books required.
2. Low Minimums. Accounts can run with no back stock and place orders weekly if they like.
3. Average Turn Around time in peak season is usually 2.5 days, so your account can order on July 10th and it will usually ship by the 13th.
4. Extremely attractive product line. Very different from other brands, so no duplication (except from those who copy us)
5. Generally higher markups to the retailers.
6. Established line with room to expand
7. Men's & Ladies' apparel (both are strong)
8. Hard Goods as well as Soft Goods
9. Higher than usual commission rates



About Tormenter

Small, yet worldwide, Manufacturer and distributor of Premium Quality: Fish, Dive, Surf, Board Sports, Boating, Beach, Resort, Lifestyle apparel.

Our quality is top and our price points are moderate. We offer the absolute best quality to price ratio of any brand we know of. 

We also produce nearly 1,000 SKU's in offshore fishing tackle, 12 models of Surfboards, and 8 models of Surf Leashes in four colors. These surf items are also Premium Quality but sold at cost in order to help us break into core surf. 

Our reach - We have 10 retailers in Guam, many in Hawaii, Grand Cayman, throughout the Caribbean, Panama, Costa Rica, Bahamas, and a few in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and even the Seychelles... Our strongest areas are: Florida Keys, Florida West & Gulf Coasts, North Carolina, and Texas. 

In new areas, we hear the word "Yes" very frequently and we seldom lose accounts.