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Second Nature Entrada

2711 Santa Clara Dr

Santa Clara , UT, 84765

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Company Description

Second Nature Entrada is hiring wilderness professionals to work 
as Field Instructors. This position allows you to transform
your love of wilderness into a meaningful, life-changing
career. Our Field Instructors combine their wilderness skills
with the desire to teach and role-model healthy behaviors to
adolescents and young adults.

On a daily basis, Instructors keep clients safe while
backpacking through the high desert and red rocks of Southern
Utah. Instructors facilitate group activities such as cooking
meals, playing games, group therapy, and hiking. Instructors
fill the role of teacher, role-model, and support network while
they are in the field.

Second Nature is a clinically focused program. At Entrada,
doctorate level therapists work together with Field Instructors
as a treatment team. Instructors work in a team of three to
four staff with a group of eight to ten clients. Treatment
plans are individualized for each client. The wilderness
provides immediate natural consequences for client’s choices.
The treatment team is available to process this cause and effect
relationship and facilitate the client making new choices in the
future. Entrada focuses on teaching clients how to communicate
assertively and be accountable for their choices.

In addition to the clinical approach, Field Instructors teach
primitive skills, backpacking skills, and Leave No Trace
ethics. Instructors will learn and teach clients how to make
fires with bow drills and hand drills, set up shelters with tarp
and cordage, carve spoons, and find water in the desert. Our
clients and instructors backpack a minimum of five days a week
between two to ten miles a day. Our Instructors work an eight
day shift in the field with six days off to mountain bike, rock
climb, travel, or simply relax.

Entrada is a small, owner-operated company. Aside from the
friendship and the family feel at Entrada, the position offers
many benefits. Pay starts at $115.00 per day up to $195.00 per
day with regular scheduled bonuses. Prior experience is
recognized. We offer full health and dental insurance and paid
vacations. Entrada provides training stipends for WFR courses,
professional conferences, hard-skills workshops, and other
professional development. We also offer a variety of
professional gear deals.

Available Trainings: May 22-28 2009, June 19-18 2009, July 24-30
2009, August 14-20 2009. Application deadline is 60 days prior
to training date. For more information please visit