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Glo-Pro Lures

654 Armour Road

Oconomowoc, WI, 53066

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Company Description

Glo-Pro Lures is excited to introduce the GP1 and GP2 line of hard baits.  The custom lure design has a patented chamber for Adjustable Depth Control and features interchangeable colored Glo-Stick options.  While recent fishing lures trends feature Neutral Buoyancy, Scent and Luminescence, most lures on the market fall short compared to the features offered by Glo-Pro Lures.  Currently lures on the market have a fixed color scheme and are designed to swim at one depth.  With the GP1 and GP2 the angler has the ability to change how the lures swim and the depth you want to operate.  By add a small amount of water to the internal chamber you can keep your lure in the strike zone which has a profound result on the number of strikes. 
 Glo-Pro Lures also has an innovative line of soft baits which feature infused Glo-Sticks, and includes a family of: Crawfish, Swim Baits, Worms, Grub Tails and Frogs.