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Green Machine Cycles

1634 Montrose

Chicago, IL, 60613

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Company Description

Green Machine Cycles is the brainchild, baby, and boo-boo of Ezra Hozinsky, a nice Jewish boy from Hyde Park. He trained formally in sociology and architecture, and has used both to great advantage in owning a bike shop.

A bourgeois pig at heart, this inchoate pizza chef and world-famous rock drummer is determined to gently encourage a new, accountable, sustainable, non-judgmental sensibility in the bike shop world.

​He hasn't gotten a new bike for himself in, oh, about five weeks or so, and he would generously like to pass the urge to acquire one to you.

A variety of animals are likely shop fixtures at Green Machine Cycles, as is filtered water and, if we have our druthers, a constant supply of delicious, seasonally-appropriate coffee for workers and customers alike. 

What would you like to see at the greenest bike shop?