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Luna Sandals

817 5th Ave N.

Seattle, WA, 98109

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In 2003 Barefoot Tedwas on a seemingly simple mission: to learn how to run pain-free. As he learned more about the natural selection of footwear in human cultures, he kept finding the simple sandal as the footwear of choice for many cultures past and present.This fascinating quest into the world of movement, running, and simple footwear led him into the Copper Canyons of Mexico in 2006; the story of which is famously chronicled in Christopher McDougall's best-seller, Born To Run. If youve read Born To Run,you are familiar with Ted's story. He traveled down to theCopper Canyons to run an ultra-marathon with the legendary Tarahumara. While there,Ted became friends withManuel Luna, a Tarahumara sandal maker. Manuel made Ted his first pair of traditional tire 'huarache' sandals. The spark for LUNA sandals was born and as they say, the rest is history.