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Balance Designs, Inc.

254 Airport Rd.

Manchester, VT, 05255 &

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Company Description

Balance Designs has been dedicated to the benefits of better balance since 1990 and sells Vew-Do Balance Boards and Snurfer Boards. Vew-Do has been at it since 1990 and Snurfer was acquired and relaunched  in 2014. 
Vew-Do boards help users improve balance while building core strength and confidence.  They benefit everyone; elite athletes, weekend warriors, desk jockeys, kids, grandparents, and even yoga masters.  They're perfect for injury recovery, whether an ankle sprain or TBI.  Best of all they are challenging and fun.
Snurfer, the iconic brand from the 60's and 70's is back to inspire a new generation to the fun of sliding sideways on a snow-covered hill, whether its the back yard or backcountry.
We're based in Vermont where the outdoors is a way of life.  We love to use our products as much as making them.  We believe you can have fun and build a company at the same time.